Non Angry Chocolate Chick Welcomes You

Hello World:

Over 30 years ago, in Miami, Florida, I put together a 5 ladies bowling team, named us the Non Angry Chocolate Chicks and entered us in the WIBC City Bowling Tournament, and we won first place.
It was exciting to win, but most important was that I was able to make the point that I, in particular was an advocate for non angry Black women.

But, many of My Black friends did not think that name was so cute.

But most of my White friends thought it was a cute name and vowed to name themselves the Vanilla Wafers the next time.

Next time never came as I know of.

I now realize after over 30 years later that Chocolate and Vanilla folks are not yet comfortable enough to put any emphases on skin color even in a positive manner.

My hope is to help change that mindset in White and Black folks,
and I’m steady working on it.

Until next time, take care!

Ms Ruth


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