And Ignorance Prevailed

And Ignorance Prevailed

Knowledge and Ignorance
lived in the exact same ‘hood’
Ignorance always visited Knowledge
to get whatever they could.

When Knowledge schooled Ignorance
how-to go out and get their own
Ignorance immediately flipped out
and began their usual moan.How dare you ‘diss’ us
Ignorance roared out loud.
We’re ‘somebody’ in our jungle
and ‘damn it’ we’re proud.

Knowledge thought WOW!
Again we have failed
Knowledge got scared off
And Ignorance prevailed.Imagine if Knowledge and Ignorance could just get along
Together they could correct all the things that go wrong
The wide gap between them must be ‘dialogued’ to close
My ‘calling’ is to remind them and I won’t let them doze.

Ms Ruth

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