A Good Person Vs A Believer

A Good Person Vs A Believer
My 10 Generalized Definitions Of A Good Person

1 … A Good Person realizes that we humans are all here together sharing this earth and since we must share this earth with each other it is a Good Person’s goal to share it harmoniously with Believers and Non-Believers.

2 … A Good Person will strive to be “fair” in their dealing with their families, friends, associates and others. When a Good Person behaves “unfairly” and is confronted, they will concede to fairness immediately and graciously.

3 … A Good Person will allow scrutiny of their behavior whenever it’s “fairness” is questionable.

4 … A Good Person always tries to practice positive, peaceful, patience behavior with others at all times.

5 … A Good Person is not easily led astray. They refrain from being too rude, sarcastic and cynical. Their lifestyle is basically functional, without constant conflicts with others.

6 … A Good Person will not intentionally misunderstand in order to be ‘right’ or to avoid giving others their “props”. A Good Person will not allow themselves to succumb to envy and evil tactics.

7 … A Good Person is a kind, considerate, clean, competent, responsible, loyal and trustworthy individual.

8 … A Good Person respects the lifestyles and religious beliefs of their friends, families and others regardless of what their differences may be.

9 … A Good Person will stand beside any past/present negative behaviors, if and whenever uncovered by a friend or an adversary. They will not get defensive and start a verbal or physical fight.

10 … A Good Person is in constant search for the skills needed to avoid “negative behavior” patterns. A Good Person will always be open to constructive criticism and self-improvement.

A Believer in contrast, do not necessarily have to adhere to the good behavior characteristics that I’ve listed above, because some say that their allegiance is not to man, it’s to THEIR GOD, who will “forgive” and “bless” them whether their behavior is good or not.

Thus …  A Good Person is not always A Believer, and A Believer is not always A Good Person

Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if  A Believer was also A Good Person?

Ms Ruth Rhetoric


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