Do I Need To Get A Grip?

Do I Need To Get A Grip?

While making each other glad
Our 3 year old is bad
He makes me so darn mad
I use my rod
I hit him hard
I curse his dad
I love my lad
I love a fad
And my girlfriend’s dad
I crash at his pad
leaving my bad little lad
with his own sorry dad
who tried to make me mad
Cause he knew that I’d be glad
hanging at my main man’s pad
Until I make him mad
And then he makes me sad
I then go get my lad
Who is so very bad
I get so very mad
I take him to my dad
Alone in my own pad
I call his sorry dad
Invite him to my pad
To make him very glad
and make another lad
To make me very mad
Just like his brother bad
I loose my job
I constantly sob
I sleep a tad
My boys are bad
The two they make me sad
So I call their sorry dad
We make each other glad
The best we ever had
We make another lad
who makes me just as mad
As his brothers and his dad
I need another fad
I want my girlfriend’s dad
I drove right to his pad
And boy did I get sad
He’d locked me outta his pad
Susie Jane had made him glad
The dirty lousy fad
I felt so very
I then got god-damn mad
I went to see my dad
To fetch them brothers bad
My dad scolded me a tad
Of course I felt real sad
So I left my pappy’s pad
And snagged a brand new fad
Invited him to my pad
And made him very glad
Mistakenly we make a lad
My fad was not too glad
He chose to leave my pad
And stuck me with his lad
The lad and the sorry fad
They makes me equally as mad
As my 2 other boys and their dad
I never will be glad
With my 4 boys and 2 dad
I think I’ll place an ad
I found another fad
We made each other glad
But, somehow I still feel sad
The fad turned out real bad
Soon made me very mad
I put him outta my pad
My kids were at my dad
I needed to feel real glad
Went to my neighbor’s pad
Found me another fad
Although, I was real glad
The fad was not a lad
So I called the kids’ sorry dad 
Hold up! Am I malfunctioning?
Is my Operating System efficient?
Did I slip or did I trip?
Do I need to get a grip?

Hoping to remind you to think and rethink
your actions before you act.
Ms Ruth Rhetoric


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