The Operating System Game

The Operating System Game

Your Operating System is your mindset.

I believe that the beliefs and values that we learn and practice are
the “programs” that make up our Operating Systems.
If your Operating System is not efficiently “programmed”
you can easily and often malfunction and not even know why.
The goal of the Operating System Game is to teach you why,
and help you understand what makes you “tick”.

“Your Operating System Determines Your Behavior
And Your Behavior Determines Your Worth”

The Operating System Game is a “game” that anyone can play.
It will show you how I gave myself a mind-set makeover which is
what allowed me to develop more meaningful, harmonious relationships
with others of all races and religions.

Although, the “programs” that I’ve listed focuses on me and my Black community issues, anyone, any race can play this game and  benefit.  Simply replace my “programs” with your “programs and my race with your race.

Your Operating System is your mindset.  Both terms are used interchangeably.


1 … Read the 2 different operating systems for each number 1-10.
2 … Beside each number take  note as to whose mindset is yours most closest to.
3 … Click on the link at the bottom of this game and take the survey.

Lucy’s “programmings” was acquired by default.
They are “community acceptable standards”.
Ms Ruth’s “programming” was acquired by rejecting the “standards” and making “personal choices”.

Start Now!

Lucy’s   #1… I see nothing wrong with being RUDE to my family, friends,
associates and co-workers whenever I want to, and/or feel like they deserve it. Yes, I will verbally and physically fight whenever I feel it is necessary.

Ms Ruth’s #1 … RUDE BEHAVIOR is hurtful and disrespectful, and I shall
control the urge to be RUDE to any and all people, period. No, I will not fight verbally or physically unless I’m “cornered”. I’ll try to behave civil at all times.

Lucy’s  #2 …
I will only “listen” to others when I want to. I may and/or
may not choose to understand them.

Ms Ruth’s #2 … I will always “listen” to anyone that wants to talk to me.
I will go so far as to “understand” them also. Then I’ll react!

Lucy’s   #3 …
I will do anything, even verbally and physically
fight to get and/or keep my lover.

Ms Ruth’s #3 … I’ll never “fight” period, for the love and respect of my spouse/lover. However, I’ll definitely try to earn it using loving behavior.

Lucy’s  #4 …
I believe in blind obedience from children, or else spanking, and if I deem it necessary, a beat-down whopping too.

Ms Ruth’s #4 … I believe in mandatory parenting classes for all pregnant women and the would-be fathers. This is for every pregnancy, and with every father.

Lucy’s   #5 …
I believe that a high school drop-out is just as smart as a
college graduate, and both should receive the equal opportunities, benefits and compensations.

Ms Ruth’s #5 … I believe that the more knowledge the brain digest,
the better the brain can work to help me take care of myself, and to also
help me make myself a “better” person. The brain has unlimited storage
space to store information. The more you store, the more you can do.
The less you store the less you can do. The less you can do the less you are worth.

Lucy’s   #6 …
I am angry about Slavery and Jim Crow sins and any reference to it makes me think and feel hostile toward White people.

Ms Ruth’s #6 … I am concerned about American History in which
Slavery and Jim Crow was a part of it. But, I see no reason to hold slavery
sins against the White man of my era because of the sins of his ancestors.
I wouldn’t want it done to me.

Lucy’s   #7..
. I do not care about White people and other races, they have, and still do  hurt Black people and others of color.

Ms Ruth’s #7 … I care about all people that care enough about me
to behave respectful toward me, regardless of their skin color or
any other differences that we may have. Respectful, courteous
interaction with everyone is most of what I choose to give and require.

Lucy’s   #8 …
My employer is White. Forget that teamwork crap,
I work only for my pay-check. I don’t like Whitey or the job.

Ms Ruth’s   #8 … I feel grateful to any employer that employs me, no matter who. My employer can easily replace me. But me and my children needs me to be employed. When I work, I always try to do a good job because that’s the kind of attitude and behavior that I want people to have if I employ them.

Lucy’s   #9 …
I believe that both Men and Women are “equally” responsible for the women’s pregnancies.

Ms Ruth’s   #9 … I believe that in America a woman has the power to choose who will get her pregnant, when, where and why. Therefore, if a woman wants a man to be emotionally and financially “equally” responsible for her, her pregnancy and the baby, then I believe she should have a man sign a notarized agreement that details these intentions…before each sexual encounter.

Lucy’s   #10 …
I believe that negative behavior, if done only behind
closed doors, will not affect me or my family’s life negatively.

Ms Ruth’s  #10 … Behind closed doors or not, RUDE BEHAVIOR
is the root cause of most human sadness and should never be
practiced at all if possible, in or out of the home. Humans love respect.


I am not even trying to say that my way is “right”.  I am saying that this is my “value system”, and within my “value system”, I have not “programmed”  myself to “victimize” or be “victimized”. Therefore as I go through life and make those “human” mistakes of going against my values, my “mistakes” will not be too vicious and malicious and will not be too hard to fix and forgive.

Ms Ruth Rhetoric


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