Meet Ms Ruth


I use my 2 different names Ms Ruth and Mis Ruth interchangeably.
I am not trying to promote my Blackness or my religion.
What I am trying to promote is fairness and equality.

I am a 75 years young
Black African-American female
with a passion to share some of my
insights concerning these issues …

*Black Community Issues
*Loving Relationships
*Racial Harmony
*Happy Homes

To promote the importance of learning
and practicing what I call positive behavior
To offer personal growth motivation and friendship insurance

My Friendship Service
My Bowling Programs
My Rhetoric

I call myself a Non Angry Chocolate Chick, because I am a Black woman, and a significant amount of Black women that I know say they are angry, and I’m not.

My Daily Prayer #1

Please grant my 10 daily requests

1 … Every day, all day, help me
to be decent, orderly, useful, appreciative,
courageous, clean, courteous, trustworthy,
responsible, respectful, kind and competent.

2 … Let me not weaken myself with anger,
cheapen myself by ugly boosting,
or play the real fool, by lying.

3 … Help me to remember that there are others
that I share this world with, and that …
regardless of our differences, we are all equal
and deserve equal justice and opportunities.

4 … Teach me the rules to the game of life.
Help me to accept my defeats with
strengthened courage, and to accept
my victories with gratitude and humility.

5 … Help me to practice positive behavior in
every way, and to eliminate negative
behavior from my game-plan, period.

6 … Help me to be worthy of good true friends,
help me to appreciate their value,
and help me to behave accordingly.

7 … Help me to develop the moral stability and
the mental strength to make the right choices.

8 … For my own sake, the sake of my love ones
my co-workers and my associates, keep me
wholesome, cheerful, and pleasant to be around.

9 … If ever the devil should grip me, in any way,
causing me to act mentally disturbed, grant me the
good sense to go off quietly, alone, until the
urge to act unfairly or speak unkindly has passed.

10 … At the end of each day, let me go to my
bed with the knowledge that greed, malice,
envy, and hatred played a lesser part in my
thinking, and that my weariness is mostly
the result of me trying to "do the right thing"

Ms Ruth

My Daily Prayer #2

My Dear God

Please give me...
Some quality friends who will make the effort to
understand me and yet remain my friends ...

A work to do that has real value,
with which, the world can understand and utilize ...

A mind unafraid to travel,
even though the trail may not be blazed ...

An understanding compassionate heart
A sense of humor ...

The patience to wait
for the coming of these things

The wisdom to appreciate and use
them in a positive manner whenever they come.

Ms Ruth


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