You Are All That!

You Are All That!

It is true 
You are "all that" and you know it
But to your friends
you are actually afraid to show it

Thru-out your life
You had to lower your self-esteem
Trying to fit in
and be like other members of the team

Well, it's time to stop
What you're practicing will later burn you
Time to call Ms Ruth 
And her rhetoric can maybe turn you

Into the person that you really want to be
while keeping friendships with those you choose to see
And do this without ever hurting no he nor no she
Hold back no more, it's OK if your friends do not agree

You are all that!
Be the quality person you've striven to be
Roll on, stay sweet, stand tall, and be free
Cause' you're not alone, you have a friend in me.
Ms Ruth Rhetoric

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