Have You Heard It?

Have You Heard It?
Heard What?

Ms Ruth Rhetoric
Freethinking honest feelings  coming from the heart of Ruth Sims

AKA Ms Ruth, Owner and Operator of Ms Ruth’s Friendship Service
AKA Non Angry Chocolate Chick
AKA Self-Proclaimed Mother Of The Universe
will be “running it down” every day on her online radio show exactly how her “niceness” concept is an effective solution for eliminating “all”
of the negativity in the Black Community and beyond.

Ms Ruth Rhetoric is for Ms Ruth’s  Sponsors and  Donors.
If you are not a Sponsor or a Donor, please be aware before you tune
in of the possibility that you may think Ms Ruth Rhetoric is offensive.

However, Ms Ruth Rhetoric is never ever intended to offend,
and my Sponsors and Donors are never ever offended.

Q. What is Ms Ruth Rhetoric?
A. Ms Ruth Rhetoric is Ms Ruth’s learned life lessons, radical opinions, messages and strategies about loving relationships and happy homes with the focus being on the Black Community to which Ms Ruth belongs.

But always remember, I am friendly with every race and every race of people is equally welcome to participate and can benefit equally.

The interactive show is titled “A Black Woman Learning The Art Of Being Nice”.
Simply Listen!
Ms Ruth Rhetoric is serious, but fun rap about the issues and solutions concerning “racial harmony” “loving relationships” and “happy homes”.
The “information” that you’ll hear is very valuable. It’ll make you think and “grow”!
Just “listen” and treat the info   like a “condiment”.
Take it home and put it right next to the hot sauce to be handy to use when you need it.
It’s Entertaining, Educational, Enlightening, Empowering and Energizing

Hurry! Begin to listen! Store some Ms Ruth Rhetoric in your Knowledge Box.  It’ll help keep you from fighting with your family and close friends.

I’m confident, you’ll find the need to use Ms Ruth Rhetoric more often than not.

Brand New Launch

Simply add your name to Ms Ruth’s “Niceness” Movement, and let Ms Ruth  “teach” you the “Art of Being Nice”.

The “Grooming and “Coaching” you’ll receive is “guaranteed” to hurry you up to the next level; no matter who you are or where you’re going.


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